Edgegap partners with ZEBEDEE

The fast-growing fintech innovators have teamed up with the gaming industry’s premier server orchestration platform, to seamlessly bring Bitcoin transactions to multiplayer games
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Canada-based server orchestration platform Edgegap announced a partnership with ZEBEDEE, the next-generation payments processor. The association will join the two companies’ vision toward a unified and global marketplace accessible to all game makers and players.

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ZEBEDEE’s fully programmable payments platform allows developers to send, receive and pay with Bitcoin in and outside their game. The technology enables innovative payment-based mechanics, such as real-time micro-transactions based on the player’s actions in the game, with no fees and instant settlement. The nature of these transactions requires seamless connectivity with minimal latency and lag, making Edgegap’s flexible server orchestration a powerful proposition for developers and gamers alike.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with ZEBEDEE to continue our mission to democratize access to distributed server orchestration. We hope this partnership will empower developers to confidently deploy their games worldwide with near-zero latency for a flawless multiplayer experience,” said Mathieu Duperre, CEO of Edgegap.

“ZEBEDEE is proud to add Edgegap as part of its ecosystem of tools and products to give our developer partners on-demand access to premium multiplayer server infrastructure that can natively incorporate our own payments capabilities,” says Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE.

Edgegap was founded by Mathieu Duperré in 2018 and provides a managed platform based on containers which enables developers to distribute their games and applications anywhere and everywhere in the world within seconds.

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