Ex-Supercell veterans raise €5 million in a funding round led by Index Ventures

The Finland-based company raised €5 million under the leadership of Index Ventures.
BIT ODD 5 milyon €
BIT ODD aims to restore the old spirit to games.

Finland-based BIT ODD raised € 5 million under the leadership of Index Ventures. BIT ODD was founded by names that contributed to the production of big games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale by working at Supercell. New angel investor Stephane Kurgan and Eric Seufert, one of the experienced names in the game industry, participated in the investment tour.

According to the founders of BIT ODD, the game industry lost its sense of wonder and weirdness during the “gold rush” period. The company aims to bring these emotions back to the games as a vision.

BIT ODD CEO and co-founder Lasse Louhento expressed his thoughts in a blog post;

Swimming upstream from the pack isn’t easy. It takes time. And we don’t pretend making games isn’t a business – it is. It’s just that we think, paradoxically, that financial gain is self-undermining when it becomes the main purpose of game design.

In addition, Louhento described themselves as creators and artisans who wanted to do things differently and said that as a team, they combined the power of youth with the wisdom of dinosaurs.

Index investor Sofia Dolfe, who led the tour, gave the following words in her speech;

“BIT ODD have assembled a first-class team and possess a clear vision that sets them apart from the pack. Their sense of quirkiness, fun and creativity taps into something that’s fallen out of focus in gaming. Along with their track record of making genre-defining, break-out hits, we believe their first release will be something extraordinary.”

In addition, Lasse Louhento stated in his blog post that their doors are open to those who think they have what it takes to join the crew.

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