Bring your A-game, because the most prominent video game publishers are coming to Istanbul!

The video game industry’s most prominent publishers are coming to Mobidictum Business Conference this September. Book your ticket now.
Mobidictum Business Conference Publisher Corner
The leading video game publishers will be at Mobidictum Business Conference. Join us in Istanbul to meet them.

The video game industry’s leading publishers are coming to Istanbul this September for Mobidictum Business Conference. Mobidictums brings developers and publishers of all sizes together on 5-6 September 2022.

The Turkish studios proved their worth and skills to the whole world, after coming up with hit games one after another. This success, of course, caught the attention of global video game publishers as well. They want to know more about the Turkish video games market and they’re quite interested in seeing what the young Turkish studios can offer.

Sponsored by CrazyLabs, Mobidictum’s “Publisher Corner” will help you grow your studio by getting you in contact with the right publisher. You’ll get to showcase your game and learn all about how these big-time publishers work with other studios, discover how you can work together, and more! You can join us at MBC, even if you already have a publisher, but make sure that you’re not breaking any regulations you have established with your current one.

The Publish Corner event will happen on the first day of Mobidictum Business Conference 2022, and it will run as a round table discussion. Attendees will get to meet publishers in turn and match up accordingly. You’ll have a limited time to showcase your game and once your time is over with that publisher, we’ll move you to the next one.

To be a part of this event, all you need to do is purchase a ticket for Mobidictum Business Conference and sign up for it. If you’re an independent developer, hit us up at [email protected] to get a discounted ticket.

If you want to showcase your game and attract publishers, connect with us and apply to the Publishing Corner via the link below. Please, keep in mind that we can’t include everyone who applies for this corner. There’ll be a pre-elimination progress first, but don’t be discouraged. Give your best shot. Your games will be played by actual people, not some randomized raffle. We’ll continue our considerations till August, then the applications will be closed.

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