LevelUp 2021 is LIVE now!

Mobile gaming communities are gathering.

Led by ironSource and Deconstructor of Fun, LevelUp 2021 online event aims to bring mobile gaming communities together on June 22-23.

Claiming that many events are held in the gaming industry, but only a few are able to bring together a balance of industry-leading names and original content, ironSource brings you LevelUp 2021, a massive online event packed with new discussions and presentations.

Speakers at the event represent important companies such as Voodoo, Supersonic, Rovio, Stillfront Group, Seriously and Playtika. The names that will represent the leading companies of the sector are as follows:

  • Clive Downie (CMO, Unity)
  • Michail Katkoff (CEO, Savage Game Studios I Deconstructor of Fun)
  • Joseph Kim (CEO, LILA Games | Deconstructor of Fun)
  • Maya Hofree (Director of Product for WSOP, Playtika)
  • Eric Seufert (Owner, Mobile Dev Memo, Heracles LLC)
  • Yevgeny Peres (VP Growth, ironSource)
  • Chris Petrovic (Chief Business Officer, FunPlus)
  • Alexis Bonte (COO, Stillfront Group)
  • Salone Sehgal (General Partner, Lumikai Fund)
  • Drew Levin (Lead Product Manager, Zynga)
  • Eric Kress (Principal, Gossamer Consulting Group, LLC)
  • Adam Telfer (Director of Product, WB Games)
  • Payton Orr (Product Manager, Socialpoint)
  • Amir Shaked (SVP Revenue, ironSource)
  • Maytal Shaul (VP Business Growth, ironSource)
  • Marina Andersson (Head of M&A, Stillfront Group)
  • Gigi Levi Weiss (General Partner, NFX)
  • Andre Cohen (Head of Data Science, Tilting Point)
  • Joakim Achren (Founder & Investor, Elite Game Developers)
  • Sophie Vo (Studio and Game Lead, Voodoo)
  • Adam Stevens (Chief Product Officer, Luna Labs)
  • Philip Hickey (EVP, Brand & Marketing, Seriously)
  • Samantha Benjamin (Growth Team Leader (UA & Monetization), Supersonic)
  • Joe Schaeppi (CEO, 12traits)
  • Kieran O’Leary (COO, Rovio)
  • Ken Go (CEO, DECA Games)
  • Zoe Chen (Sr. Director of Product, Scopely)
  • Dan Greenberg (Chief Design Officer, ironSource)
  • Michael Cheung (General Partner, Makers Fund)
  • Kenneth Landen (Sr. Product Manager, Blizzard Entertainment)
  • Nick Yee (Co-Founder & Analytics Lead, Quantic Foundry)
  • Volkan Ediz (Chief Revenue Officer, Super Evil Megacorp)
  • Simon Davis (CEO, Mighty Bear Games)
  • Stan Kwon (CEO, Beta Hat)
  • Brian Sapp (Head of Marketing, Rec Room)
  • Lou Fasulo (CEO & Co-Founder, Starform)
  • Tomer Geller (Head of Game Design & Studio, Supersonic)
  • Yaniv Nizan (CEO, Soomla)
  • Antti Hattara (CEO & Co-Founder, StarBerry Games)
  • Javier Barnes Redondo (Senior Product Manager, Tilting Point)
  • Tom Hammond (CEO, UserWise)
  • Aimee Meehan (VP Growth Partnerships, ironSource)
  • Elad Gabison (Creative Lead, ironSource)

During LevelUp 2021, the speakers will make various presentations under 5 different topics (tracks) in total. These topics will be: game industry, game growth, game operations, game product and game investments.

Some of the topics under the 5 main tracks of the event:

  • How to Retain Your Best Players
  • How to Grab Investor Attention and Raise Capital for Your Gaming Company
  • Your Toolkit for Self-Publishing a Hit Game
  • 5 Notable Mistakes That Will Sharpen Your Creative Processes
  • How to Create and Configure an Acquisition Team
  • Who Is Funding: Trends in Gaming Investments for 2021
  • Striking the Right Balance With Your Monetization
  • Know What Your Players Really Want
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in the Post IDFA World
  • The Most Influential Mobile Gaming Trends of 2021
  • Game Monetization Psychology
  • How to Price Items in F2P Games

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