Finnish game studio Makea Games secures $1.3 million in funding round

“A combination of ‘Fall Guys’, ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ and ‘Mirror’s Edge'”
Members of Makea Games posing happily together

Finland’s game industry continues to grow, this time with a video game developer with a unique product. Tampere-based Makea Games announced that it has secured $1.3 million in a preseed funding round led by Play Ventures. Business Finland and some other experienced angel investors also participated in the financing round of the newly formed studio.

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Makea Games will use this investment to grow its workforce and launch its first title Supermoves on PC and consoles. Makea Games isn’t just a cool-sounding wordplay, though, but a statement of what the young studio aims to help gamers with. The Finnish game developer says they aim to allow players to create entire digital worlds via just a controller. User-generated content lies at the company’s core and the studio says “they will fuel the creativity of the gaming community,” by creating an endless amount of content, both by them and their userbase.

Makea Games Founder, CEO and Creative Director Tomi Toikka said, “We are in the process of building a UGC (user-generated content) -driven multiplayer world, where players can make almost any kind of game content themselves and utilize their own creativity,” and added, “Our vision is that Makea Games will become a universe of several games, where there is always something new to play because the players themselves participate in the creation of the game content.”

Toikka further commented on how they make it easy and allow people to get creative with the following words, “With our gaming platform, it’s easy to make UGC and enable creativity. When we get the community involved in the development, we can constantly throw more toys into the sandbox which the players can use to build any kind of content.”

Harri Manninen from Play Ventures also commented; “Community-focused games that encourage players to create their own content, worlds and experiences are the future of gaming. Makea Games’ “Supermoves” competitive PvP gaming platform and their best-in-class in-game UGC tools will offer players countless hours of creative enjoyment and entertainment.”

“The Makea Games team has a unique blend of youth and experience, which is a perfect mix to build new experiences for the next gaming generation. We’re very proud to support them on this journey.”, says Harri Manninen from Play Ventures.”

What makes Supermoves unique?

Makea Games’ first title Supermoves will be available for public testing in 2023 and uses the latest Unreal Engine 5 game engine. It will be a parkour game and the studio describes it as “a combination of “Fall Guys”, ”Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” and “Mirror’s Edge”, fusing together free movement and, above all, interaction with other players in multiplayer”

Toikka explains what the game is about and what it’s aiming for with the following words,

“Currently, the challenge is the inaccessible creation tools which have prevented the majority of players from producing content for games themselves. Supermoves creates a strong community of players and all content can be played alone or with friends – but you can also create your own levels with the help of Makea Games’ easy-to-use game platform.

“The platform will expand in the future to be capable of making almost any kind of game. This is how we strive to build a unified Makeaverse, where games are developed together with the gaming community.”

Players will be able to run along the walls, grind on rails and will be able to pull off “awesome parkour tricks” . Supermoves will feature a chase tag game and another one called Rising Tide, where players will focus on avoiding a ball pit that’s rising like a tidal wave. The Finnish studio will allow its users to create their own levels and worlds with built in-tools.

The company didn’t announce a set-in-stone release date or any other specific dates for public testing.

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