Gala Games and Unity partner up to build VOXVerse Metaverse

Gala Games has signed a $20 million deal with Unity for the VOX project.
Gala Games VOX Unity
Gala Games announced its partnership with Unity for the VOX project.

Continuing without slowing down, Gala Games has signed a $20 million service agreement with Unity for the VOX metaverse. Gala’s internal team includes SimCity creator Will Wright as a part of the team.

James Olden, Chief Strategy Officer of Gala Games, commented:

“We’re humbled by the confidence the Unity team has in what we’re building. We’re confident Will Wright’s vision for VOXverse will chart a course that will completely change how people think of ‘metaverses’ and lead the entire gaming industry to legitimizing web3 technologies for entertainment.”

VOXverse will be a universe where users can socialize, compete, build worlds and have a variety of experiences like that. VOX, which includes a great MMORPG such as AMC’s The Walking Dead title and Mirandus in its IPs, will expand its world and build new city areas thanks to its partners.

Ryan Peterson, Vice President of Unity Accelerate Solutions, added:

“Our team is adept at collaborating with partners to identify their key challenges and help them craft elegant, effective solutions that span AR, VR, robotics and mixed reality environments. We’re proud to have the chance to help Gala advance Will’s vision for a new, interactive style of gameplay.”

The Gala’s internal team behind Mirandus and Gallium will collaborate with the Unity team to create a different and deeper metaverse than the others.

Who is Will Wright?

Will Wright is a seasoned game designer behind titles like SimCity, The Sims, and Spore. Wright, who created the title of SimCity by establishing the Maxis company, later released two more games called SimEarth and SimAnt. After a certain period, Electronic Arts bought Maxis in 1995 when the company went into loss.

Wright, who went to the board of Maxis with the idea of The Sims after the purchase, encountered opinions that the game was ridiculous. Wright developed the game with very little funding and support. After all, The Sims was published in 2000 and in a short time managed to become the best-selling computer game of all time.

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