GameRefinery launches a tool to monitor live events and trends in popular mobile games

Mobile game developers and marketers can use the Live Events Tracker to analyze the impact of live events on revenue and download figures.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Redwood City, Game Refinery has a diverse, global presence. It supports over 6,600 mobile businesses across 74 countries in sectors such as gaming, social, finance, ecommerce, and entertainment. A Liftoff company, Game Refinery, has launched a new competitive intelligence tool that provides a detailed, daily analysis of live events and trends in the most popular mobile games. The Live Events Tracker is designed to help game developers and marketers monitor the impact of live events on revenue, download figures, and in-app purchases for the most popular mobile games in the Match3, Midcore, and Casual categories.

The Live Events Tracker enables users to compare and filter live events across different games, event types, and event durations to get a better understanding of the latest trends in mobile games. GameRefinery’s dedicated team of analysts monitors the latest events and provides detailed, daily updates on all aspects of live events, supported with screenshots and event descriptions.

Scott Silverman, Chief Revenue Officer at Liftoff, said:

“With so many mobile game studios facing increased challenges around user acquisition in a post-IDFA world, live events have become one of the most effective ways of boosting player engagement and retention, as well as making a huge impact on revenue through in-game purchases.

The Live Events Tracker includes detailed analysis of event overview and a breakdown of any narrative, story, and scenario elements, monetization mechanics such as battle passes, subscription plans, limited-time shops and currency, ad implementation, and in-app purchases (IAPs), IAPs including an overview of new event items, how much they cost, and their functionality, gameplay mechanics such as new game modes, implementation, and how they’re accessed, and the impact of live events on revenue and downloads. Anyone interested in the Live Events tracker can contact Game Refinery for more information.

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