The games industry cloud services market is expected to reach $12 billion by 2023

According to the latest findings from Omdia’s research, the market for cloud and related services within the games industry will exceed $12 billion by 2023. The research also revealed that AWS and Azure are the game industry’s leading cloud platforms.
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According to the latest findings from Omdia research, AWS, and Microsoft Azure have emerged as the top cloud platforms in the games industry. Omdia’s Games Tech Intelligence Service released a comprehensive analysis called “Market Radar: Cloud Platforms for Games 2023,” marking the first benchmarking of major game platforms in the game industry. The report predicts that the cloud and related services market within the games industry will exceed $12 billion by 2023. It meticulously examines the capabilities of seven prominent players within this rapidly expanding market, evaluating their potential to address various essential use cases specific to the games industry.

Cloud-based solutions play an increasingly crucial role in game development workflows, with game server infrastructure being a primary area of focus. Furthermore, cloud platforms have become significant providers of diverse game development tools. Understanding the capabilities of different cloud vendors is vital for developers and technology providers alike. Developers need this knowledge to compete or integrate their products with cloud platforms.

Omdia Market Radar Cloud Platforms for Games

This groundbreaking Omdia analysis, concentrating solely on the games industry, highlights AWS and Microsoft Azure as the leading game cloud platforms due to their advanced capabilities across the evaluated domains. Liam Deane, the Principal Analyst covering Games Tech at Omdia, stated, “AWS has been the long-standing market leader, distinguished by its exceptional infrastructure, tools, and outstanding partner ecosystem.” He further emphasized that Azure stands out with its impressive global infrastructure and an extensive array of tailor-made tools and solutions for game developers.

The research also sheds light on the increasingly competitive nature of the cloud services market within the gaming vertical. Companies like Google and Tencent leverage their profound expertise in games to offer various game development and operations solutions. Additionally, the remaining vendors possess distinct strengths that appeal to specific market segments. Deane emphasized the importance of thorough consideration by buyers in the games industry when selecting a cloud platform. Simultaneously, technology vendors must know how their products interact with the expanding range of cloud platforms targeting the games industry.

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