Griffin Gaming Partners announces second funding of $750 million

According to Griffin Gaming Partners, this fund is the largest gaming-focused fund ever.
Griffin Gaming Partners logo over a white background

Gaming-focused VC firm Griffin Gaming Partners has announced a $750 million fund. This is the company’s second fund. Along with the previous funding, Griffin Gaming Partners’ budget has grown to over $1 billion, making it the largest-scale gaming-focused fund ever.

Griffin has invested a lot in social platforms and Web3 games so far. Griffin’s portfolio also includes Discord, AppLovin, Spyke Games, Million Victories, and Overwolf. Griffin’s Managing Director, Phil Sanderson, said:

“The lines have blurred across gaming, media, sport, and social connectivity. By seeing more than 1,300 qualified investment opportunities a year, we get a bird’s eye view into the industry and what it will take to succeed in the next phase of interactive entertainment across platforms, genres and demographics.”

Griffin Gaming Partners aims to support gaming companies and create new opportunities for them. Griffin has previously announced that it will invest in blockchain games alongside Solana Ventures and Forte.

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