GXC launches a new $40M venture fund to fuel the growth of gaming

Global games solution GXC announces “Round Ventures” to help game developers and gaming-related companies grow.
Rick Nahm's headshot and Round Ventures logo

One of the leading global video game solution companies worldwide, GXC announced a new venture fund focused on the future of gaming and its growth. The new fund is dubbed “Round Ventures” and it will have game developers and other video game-related companies in its focus.

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GXC’s first-ever investment summit, Round Ventures Select Asia, accompanies the new venture fund of over $40 million. The official press release says, to accelerate game companies’ growth, Round Ventures will invest $2 to $8 million in each one, and co-investors will further invest between $10 to $50 million to support the future of gaming.

The first-ever summit will take place in Jeju, South Korea this November. 15 to 20 video game companies will be invited to showcase their games and services before Round Ventures’ team, investors, renowned media, and influencers at the event. There will be two investment events held by the fund each year in Asia and Europe.

Rick Nahm, General Partner at Round Ventures said, “We believe the video games industry is in need of a system where early-stage companies receive both growth and guidance on how to execute their projects successfully,” and added, “With this in mind, we’re investing in the brilliant minds behind the projects. We deeply value the potential of developers and innovators in the games industry and will be actively looking to help them flourish.”

The new fund invites all video game companies who’re interested to reach out to them at [email protected] and says a team of experts will review all applications.

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