Here’s the top mobile publishers for February 2020

Mobile Publishers Voodoo

Last week we saw the ending of February 2020, today we knew the top mobile publishers for that month. This information comes from the popular analytics company Sensor Tower. According to it, Facebook was the highest-ranking mobile publisher with 273.5 million installs followed by Google with 238.3 million installs. ByteDance, Voodoo, and Tencent rounded the top five mobile publishers worldwide by downloads.

Voodoo’s games were the most downloaded in February 2020

We at Mobidictum specialize in mobile gaming, that’s why we will focus on that part. The French developer and publisher Voodoo were in the fourth spot in overall downloads. Which makes them the top mobile game publisher in the list below. On Google Play they sit in the third spot while on App Store they are at number four. Voodoo’s games were collectively downloaded 2.1 billion times, their most popular game is Helix Jump.

Top Mobile PublishersOther game companies on the list are AppLovin, SayGamers, Outfit7, Miniclip, CrazyLabs, Good Job Games, and Crazy Labs. It also appears that iOS users like Tencent more than Android’s users. On the App Store, the Chinese giant  had the most downloads but it didn’t make it to the top ten list on Google Play.

Top mobile publishers in January 2020 weren’t that much different than February

When we look at Sensor Tower’s data for January 2020, we don’t see that much difference. Facebook, Google, and Bytedance were also the top three. Voodoo was in fifth place instead of fourth which was taken by SayGames who is in the ninth spot. Applovin fell down one spot, Crazy Labs stayed at the eighth spot on the list. Both Tencent and Outfit7 saw a rise this month compared to last month. In January 2020, Tencent’s PUBG generated most revenue while SayGames’ Johnny Trigger was the most downloaded game worldwide across App Store and Google Play.

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