Hutch marks Top Drives’ fifth anniversary with an exclusive short film

Hutch commemorated the fifth anniversary of Top Drives with a revealing short film. They also unveiled exciting teasers about the upcoming Pacific Coast Highway Update.
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The automotive mobile game developer Hutch commemorated the fifth anniversary of their popular game, Top Drives, with the release of a short film. The unveiling took place at the London Games Festival, where Hutch showcased the trials and triumphs encountered during the development of the hit automotive card battler. Additionally, they disclosed new details about the upcoming Pacific Coast Highway Update.

Established in 2011, Hutch has captivated over 350 million mobile players through their game titles, including Rebel Racing, F1® Clash, and Top Drives. The company is committed to expanding the racing genre in the mobile game industry, fostering communities of car enthusiasts worldwide. Hutch’s team of over 120 world-class professionals operates from their primary studio in London’s Shoreditch, with additional studios in Dundee and Canada.

Titled “Top Drives: 5 Years In The Making,” the short film chronicles the history of Top Drives’ development process from the perspective of its creator team. Starting as a basic interactive spreadsheet, the game has now amassed a user base of over 104,000 daily active players. The film highlights the title’s evolving nature and its community’s profound influence.

Featuring interviews with key creatives involved in the game’s production, including Chief Creative Officer Jonathan Alpine, Chief Product Officer Tim Mannveille, Game Director Ian Griffiths, and others, the documentary offers an unfiltered view into the journey of crafting the successful mobile game.

Reflecting on the game’s unexpected triumph, Hutch’s Chief Creative Officer, Jonathan Alpine, remarked:

“During the game’s infancy, no one at Hutch could have foreseen our current position. There were moments when the specter of bankruptcy loomed over us! However, Top Drives has emerged as a resounding success, thanks to the creativity of our team and the exceptional community supporting the game.”

Entering its fifth year, Top Drives remains one of Hutch’s flagship titles, partly due to its extensive collection of nearly 4,000 licensed cars from prestigious manufacturers such as Mustang, Porsche, Audi, McLaren, Bugatti, and Mercedes.

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