Hutch collaborates with NASCAR for a standalone mobile game

Mobile game developer Hutch, known for F1 Clash and Top Drives, has unveiled its partnership with NASCAR. This collaboration aims to introduce a new standalone mobile game that merges Hutch’s expertise in automotive gaming with the globally recognized NASCAR brand.

As NASCAR celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, it remains the governing body for the most prominent form of motorsports in the United States and holds a distinguished reputation worldwide. NASCAR offers fans thrilling side-by-side racing featuring high-speed action, strategic maneuvers, and aggressive racing tactics. With millions of enthusiasts across the globe and a history steeped in high-octane racing, NASCAR proves to be an ideal match for Hutch’s game development prowess.

Hutch will lead the development of this upcoming mobile game in close partnership with NASCAR. The details of the game will be unveiled soon. Still, it is expected to draw upon Hutch’s experience in developing games featuring licensed intellectual properties.

Peter Stott, Game Director at Hutch, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating:

“The NASCAR brand is an ideal fit for Hutch. Our passion for motorsports and commitment to crafting genre-defining mobile experiences will allow us to cater to the sport’s global fanbase. This shared passion serves as the bedrock of our partnership with NASCAR, further fueling our capacity to create another successful title. We take pride in collaborating with key automotive licensors, continuing our history of productive game development partnerships.”

Nick Rend, Managing Director of Gaming and Esports at NASCAR, said:

“At NASCAR, our top priority is to engage our fans and provide them with the best possible experiences, whether they are at the racetrack or in the digital realm where they like to spend their time. We aim to deliver a unique, immersive mobile gaming experience to our fans worldwide. Hutch, with its expertise in the automotive gaming genre and a track record of creating enjoyable and popular games, is the perfect partner to bring this vision to life.”

The collaboration between Hutch and NASCAR aims to deliver an exciting mobile game experience that captures the essence of NASCAR’s high-speed racing and appeals to fans of motorsports and gaming.

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