Industry veteran Stefan Lampinen joins Zordix

Stefan Lampinen

In a press release, the Sweden-based company Zordix named the industry veteran Stefan Lampinen as a new board member. Lampinen is one of the most well-known leaders in our beloved industry. He worked in leading positions at different places like Electronic Arts, Nokia, Microsoft, and Warner Bros. The new addition to Zordix will strengthen its strategic business development towards new customers, markets, distribution channels, and publishing.

Stefan Lampinen is an important figure in the Sweden games industry

Lampinen has a UK based company that focuses on consulting and business for the gaming industry. Also, he is considered by many to be a key person for Sweden’s global success in the gaming industry. Furthermore, the industry veteran received a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Swedish Games Industry in 2008. David Wallsten, CEO of Zordix’s subsidiary Dimfrost, is at the same time joining the Zordix board of directors

Stefan Lampinen

Zordix’s CEO Matti Larsson said the following in a press release:

During the past six months, Zordix has doubled its workforce. And through recent acquisitions, it has started a journey as a Group with international reach. Expanding the board with a game industry legend such as Stefan Lampinen and a strategic business developer with a large investor network such as David Wallsten is natural at this stage.

About Zordix

Zordix is a Swedish game developer and publisher based in Umeå. It also owns Dimfrost Studio and back in March, it bought 100% of Invictus Games. Zordix Racing is currently developing a new project called Thunder. Dimfrost Studio is developing Bramble: The Mountain King. Invictus Games has previously developed some 50 games and is currently working on several new projects including the racing section for the next Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. Zordix Publishing publishes games developed by smaller studios and helps them launch their titles globally. Congratulations to Stefan Lampinen for becoming a board member.

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