Kwalee announces VS Game Jam with $500,000 install bonus

Kwalee will close the submission on November 13 and says entrants can earn premium computer hardware worth over $4,000.
Kwalee's promotional image for its new VS Game Jam

The UK game publisher Kwalee announced a new game jam based on making hyper-casual games today, offering a publishing deal for the top entrant that can earn them $500,000, provided the game produced at the jam attracts over 10 million installs in the US.

The new game jam is called “VS Game Jam” and it will run between October 24 and November 13. The event’s runner-ups can also get a variety of rewards (Apple systems) that are worth between $2,000 to $4,000.

The event wants to bring the game development scene together and have them compete in a friendly setting. “The intent behind the Game Jam was to help game developers build their experience making hypercasual games through a lucrative initiative,” said Kwalee’s Head of Mobile Publishing, William Cox, and added; “Not knowing where to go next with a potential mobile hit can be a challenge. We wanted this Jam to be a great opportunity for anyone who needs the support of a leading game publisher. Given there’s a huge potential reward on the table if a game performs well, then what’s there to do other than try?’

The game jam’s theme is “to make games where the biggest challenge is to achieve a goal before a rival”, hence the name: VS Game Jam. Hyper-casual games submitted for the event (through Kwalee Publishing Portal)will be reviewed by the experienced members of the UK-based publisher.

Kwalee says the event is for everyone but adds that existing studios and developers who’re interested in making hyper-casual games will benefit the most from the competition.

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