Kwalee expands its mobile games business with hybrid-casual

“Hyper Casual Isn’t Dead – It’s Just Overworked”

UK-based mobile, PC, and console games developer and publisher Kwalee has announced that alongside other leading players in the mobile games space, it has spent recent months investing talent and resources into hybrid-casual games to bridge the gap between its hyper-casual games and burgeoning casual games.

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Like many mobile games operators, Kwalee has seen significant competition and evolving player habits in hyper-casual games, making it an increasingly challenging genre to monetise, with higher CPIs and lower ECPMs becoming the rule rather than the exception. In a move that will surprise few in the industry, the logical expansion for Kwalee was to target hybrid-casual games games to complement its other successful mobile games.

William Cox, Head of Mobile Publishing, said,

“We’re thrilled to expand our games portfolio to include Hybrid Casual games. Our team has been working tirelessly to ensure we can offer a full suite of services. We’re excited to continue working with developers who have exceptional products but may lack the commercial or marketing capabilities to scale them globally.”

Simon Platt, Head of Development, added;

“Our commitment to creating engaging, fun games is at the forefront of everything we do. We’re excited to be able to offer developers the opportunity to test their hybrid casual game prototypes through our Game Jam and learn from our publishing and game design experts through our upcoming webinar.”

A few weeks ago, Kwalee announced that its portfolio of games reached one billion installs.The company recently launched Kwalee Artificial Intelligence (KAI), an employee program enabling anyone in the company to pitch ideas for using AI to enhance productivity and innovation in game development and other business operations.

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