Layers of Fear offers a spine-chilling horror experience with Unreal Engine 5 technology

Layers of Fear (2023) is one of the first titles to use Unreal Engine 5, featuring support for Ray Tracing, HDR, and 4K resolution, creating an immersive horror experience with unparalleled technical specifications.
layers of fear cover image.

The new teaser for Bloober Team and Anshar Studios’ upcoming game, Layers of Fear (2023), showcases the technical capabilities of the latest Unreal Engine 5. This game is one of the first titles ever to use the new engine and was built from the ground up to take full advantage of its performance capabilities.

The game will feature Ray Tracing, HDR, and 4K resolution support, providing enhanced visual accuracy, realism, and in-game reflections. It also incorporates Lumen global illumination for dynamic lighting, Niagara visual effects for real-time particle effects, and Action System Controls for improved gameplay mechanics.

The Layers of Fear franchise offers a unified vision of horror that has been reimagined to create an immersive experience for new and returning players. The game will include the original Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2, all DLCs, and a new chapter called “The Final Note” which provides an alternate perspective on the first game’s storyline. Additionally, the game will introduce the never-before-told story of The Writer, tying each entry in the series together.

Layers of Fear (2023) will be released on PC in June 2023 via Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. The new teaser shows players the game’s stunning visuals and advanced technical features, promising a spectacular and unforgettable horror experience.

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