Luda secured $7 million in funding and announced a browser-based AI simulation

Luda, a company committed to democratizing AI by providing a sandbox experience for creating, training, and launching AI agents introduces a system for Real-Time Reinforcement Learning (RT-RL), opening up new possibilities for creative expression and social experiences. 
Luda secured $7 million in funding and announced a browser-based AI simulation

Luda’s platform empowers users to create AI agents through Mels, a real-time browser-based simulation utilizing generative AI to animate imaginative creations. Users can easily assemble AI agents using digital building blocks in a virtual sandbox. Luda’s RT-RL takes over from there, bringing these creations to life based on real-world physics. Mels offers inherent interactivity, emergent scenarios, and a wide range of creative possibilities without the need for complex coding or manual animation.

Led by industry veterans from Google Research, Disney, and Zynga, Luda has also secured $7 million in funding led by BITKRAFT and Compound, with participation from notable figures like Jeff Dean and Illia Polosukhin, co-author of the Transformers paper.

Luda’s RT-RL marks a significant advancement in AI agents, thanks to three key components:

Accelerated Learning: This component dramatically reduces training time, from hours and days to just seconds and minutes.

Low-Latency Inference: It enables AI agents to run on consumer devices rather than costly data center servers.

Human Interactivity: Luda’s system allows people to interact with AI agents instantly and intuitively.

Vijay Sundaram, Founder and CEO of Luda, explained their vision: “At Luda, we believe people belong at the center of AI – not the other way around. That’s why we’re building UGC gameplay for the AI generation. The exciting thing about technology paradigm shifts is the chance to create fundamentally new experiences that weren’t possible before.”

Luda aims to make AI accessible and enjoyable to a broad consumer audience by leveraging user-generated content (UGC) gameplay. Scott Rupp, Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures, compared Luda’s potential impact to Minecraft and Roblox, which transformed active creativity and user-generated content. He stated, “Luda is poised to introduce a fundamentally new category of social and immersive experiences.”

Michael Dempsey, Managing Partner at Compound, praised Luda’s achievements in crafting scalable, intelligent agents with minimal inference cost. He noted that Luda has assembled a world-class team of researchers and creatives and is on the verge of delivering category-defining experiences.

Luda’s innovative approach to AI promises to empower users to engage with AI in ways previously unimaginable, making it a company to watch in the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

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