Masomo now has a new CEO

Sertac Picakci has become the new CEO of Masomo, where he previously served as VP of Product.
Masomo CEO
Masomo has a new CEO

There is new news in Masomo, one of Turkey’s greatest mobile game studios. Sertac Picakci announced that he is the company’s new CEO with a post he published today.

Masomo is the company behind some very famous and entertaining games like Head Ball and Basketball Arena. Masomo, one of the best mobile game studios in Turkey, manages to make a name for itself in the global market. Sertac Picakci made the following statements in his post:

Masomo CEO’su Sertac Picakci

“I am very excited to announce that I am continuing my adventure at Masomo as the new CEO of the company. It’s been a super exciting journey for the last 3 years with the leadership and vision of our founder, the one and only, İbrahim Akman. We’ve had so much success for the last few years. Built 2 evergreen products (Head Ball 2 and Basketball Arena) and touched the lives of more than 350 million players all around the world.

We became a true GLOBAL company by starting a strategic partnership with the world’s one of the biggest game developers and publishers, Miniclip. It was a huge step to increase our competitive advantage and boost our know-how to extreme levels in the global arena.

We achieved all these with the super talented minds of Masomo, all together as a TEAM. Now, it’s time to go beyond that.”

Masomo is known for his strong team as well as his favorite games all over the world. The company places a lot of emphasis on team members and teamwork and cites this as the secret to its success. With its new CEO, Masomo plans to continue on his way by getting stronger.

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