MGVC begins 2023 investments by investing in two European studios

MGVC has invested in 57 studios. The latest in the roster are two European studios, DC1AB, together with Global Top Round, and AMT Games.

The investment division of Netherlands-headquartered gaming company MY.GAMES, MGVC has established partnerships with DC1AB in Portugal as a part of a co-investment round with Global Top Round and AMT Games in Switzerland. 

Established in 2020 in Portugal, DC1AB is an experienced mobile games developer, publisher, and marketer. Since its foundation, DC1AB has been in Google Indie Game Accelerator and GameBCN accelerator. The company is currently working on the cross-platform game Dominus. A skill-based MMO strategy game, Dominus is inspired by the Civilization series and Clash of Clans. It incorporates dynamics like economic decisions, technological progress, trading, and politics. The players advance through the ages and strive to dominate the world of Dominus. With a focus on asynchronous and synchronous multiplayer, the individual battles are tied together by a meta that is a game in itself.

Founded in 2008 in Switzerland, AMT games has more than ten popular games and more than 50 million downloads. The company will focus on Heroes of War in 2023. It’s a team-battle game with strategic elements, player vs. player, and player vs. environment modes. The company also plans to introduce a multiplayer mode besides several updates in the future.

Nick Matsokin, Executive Director of MGVC, commented: 

“We are happy to welcome DC1AB and AMT Games into our large partnership network. MGVC partners gain access to a unique ecosystem, which includes a multi-million-player audience, a broad analytical toolset, and convenient services that enable the effective promotion of titles across various markets and platforms. Both studios have a solid pipeline of exciting projects with engaging gameplay and interesting worlds to explore. We believe that with the services and solutions we provide, the teams will reach success in further developing and launching their games.”

Matsokin also stated that MGVC continues to invest in talented teams and promising projects globally, expanding its community of developers. He added that according to the company analytics, in 2022, they had invested more than $85 million into Portuguese game studios and game hardware developers and more than $90 million into Swiss studios.

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