Miniclip acquires Supersonic Software

Miniclip continues to make purchases.
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British mobile game publisher and developer Miniclip continues its acquisitions with Supersonic Software and Appy Nation.

Supersonic focuses on puzzle games

The aforementioned Supersonic Software and the hyper-casual publisher Supersonic Studios, owned by IronSource, are different companies and have nothing to do with this acquisition. It is not yet known what future consequences the agreement will bring for both parties, the terms of which have not yet been announced. Supersonic is a company founded in 1988. It is a game company that produces puzzle games such as Puzzle Page and Picture Cross.

Miniclip founder Rob Small commented on the acquisition: “We have followed the journey of Pete, Andy, and the Supersonic team with great interest, and we are delighted to both host them on Miniclip and support their growth in the puzzle category.

Miniclip, the majority of which was acquired by Tencent in 2015, acquired Green Horse Games as a strategic investment, along with game developers such as Ilyon Dynamics, Gamebasics, and Eight Pixels Square.

Supersonic CEO Pete Williamson said, “It is very important for us to join a new partner since we have been independent for a long time. We have always admired Miniclip and it is perfect for us as we have the opportunity to get to know them over a period of several years. we really trust that we found the partner.”

Miniclip previously bought Turkish game developer Masomo and attracted all the attention in our country. The company seems to continue with these strategic acquisitions.

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