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Mobidictum Conference 2023 is successfully behind us, but the pace of our interviews has not slowed down. This time our guest is Yan Reizin, VP of Global Business Development at
Yan Reizin of Persona.Ly

In this interview, we talked about the personalized solutions that offers, how they use machine learning algorithms to target the right audiences and predict campaign performance, what role they play in the mobile app distribution field and which markets they focus on, and how they approach the issues of transparency, quality, and compliance in their mobile advertising campaigns and partnerships.

Let us introduce you and, of course, to our followers.

I’m Yan Reizin, VP of Global Business Development at We are a machine learning-based programmatic DSP helping mobile app developers achieve their UA and re-engagement goals.

Can you tell us what personalized solutions offers as a global mobile ad-tech company and how they benefit app developers and publishers?

We take pride in our ML capabilities, enabling us to target the right audiences and accurately predict campaign performance to achieve deep-funnel KPIs. With access to over 60 data points, we can forecast user value based on the advertiser’s KPI even before placing a bid. Our algorithm also helps us apply bid shading to optimize the bid price, re-engage the most prominent user segments, select contextually appropriate placements for the promoted app, and display the right creatives to the right audience based on the Multi-Armed Bandit algorithm.

Can you explain how you use machine-learning algorithms to optimize user acquisition strategies?

Every app is unique, and finding more engaged, loyal users requires a data-centric approach that leverages proven strategies and experience. We have a distinctive process that enables us to rapidly develop a custom ML model for efficiently targeting users. Let me guide you through the process.

When we start running a campaign during an exploration phase, our bidder is bidding on impressions based on basic demographic definitions to start gathering data. Based on the initial data gathered, we create a basic targeting algorithm with a focus on driving installs. Once we accumulate enough data for our algorithm to develop a unique classification model that targets the most prominent user segments based on specific target actions, we develop a unique classification model. Finally, when the model is fully optimized to acquire users based on the deep-funnel targets, we can scale the campaign.

What role does play in the mobile app distribution field, and which markets do you focus on?

We are a global company collaborating with top-grossing app developers worldwide. While we primarily focus on specific verticals such as gaming, fintech, e-commerce, and services, our machine learning algorithm has demonstrated its versatility by consistently exceeding UA goals in other verticals as well. This adaptability stems from our ability to rapidly gather the necessary data for our algorithm, effectively solving the cold-start problem within a matter of days.

For instance, we have clients in the banking, telemedicine, social casinos, streaming services verticals, and case studies in social networking or dating.

How do you approach the issues of transparency, quality, and compliance in your mobile advertising campaigns and partnerships, and what standards do you adhere to?

First things first, we exclusively collaborate with top ad exchanges and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) renowned for their stellar reputation, ensuring traffic quality and brand safety. Additionally, as an ad-tech company with over a decade of experience, we have developed our own fraud prevention algorithm, allowing us to eliminate fraudulent impressions effectively. We are also proud to be among the earliest members of CAAF (The Coalition Against Ad Fraud) and have been verified by TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group).

In terms of transparency, our clients have access to a comprehensive dashboard where they can view all the data related to their ad placements. This includes information on where their ads were displayed, the performance of each creative and placement, how each creative is rendered, and the overall campaign performance.

When it comes to privacy, we adhere to the highest industry standards. We are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other common privacy laws, ensuring that our clients can securely share data with us while adhering to local jurisdiction requirements.

What are some of the successful case studies or testimonials that showcase’s impact and value proposition?

We are proud of the results our DSP brings to our clients. Here are just some of the notable case studies in various verticals:

  • We outperformed paid social campaigns and brought in more installs, higher retention, and higher ROAS for Ubisoft’s Howrse horse breeding gaming app
  • We doubled non-buyer’s CVR while scaling gross sales 5.7x for the LightInTheBox e-commerce app
  • We outperformed the Rapido Bike-Taxi app’s CPA KPI by 45% while scaling up the campaign x13
  • We outperformed the D7 ROAS KPI by 82% Papaya Gaming’s Bingo Cash app
  • We achieved campaign recoup by month 3 for Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space
  • We reached 83% Deep Funnel Conversion and increased account generation conversion by 50% within a month of starting campaigns for the OctaFX trading App

What are your plans and goals for regarding product development and market expansion?

We keep improving our DSP with our Product and Development teams to enhance our targeting and prediction capabilities and bring better results for our clients. Our main directions currently are privacy-centric UA and re-engagement practices, platform scaling, and targeting improvement. We place special emphasis on privacy-centric UA, ensuring compliance with current SKAN (SKAdNetwork) and upcoming Privacy Sandbox standards. These efforts enable us to maintain high-performance levels, as demonstrated by our success with clients such as the Koiniwa dating iOS app, 888 iOS Casino app, and other clients.

We also keep untapped new markets to expand our presence in Europe, LATAM, and Asia.  

How was your experience at the Mobidictum Conference 2023?

This year, it was our first time at the conference. We were really excited to attend the conference and meet new prospects in the market.

We have observed that the Turkish market has developed significantly in the past few years. As the market matures, there is a growing demand for fraud-free, highly-targeted solutions, and we are happy to offer our transparent ML-driven DSP for UA and re-engagement.

Thank you for this lovely interview. 😊

Thank you – the pleasure was all mine!

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