Netflix adds four new games to its mobile game library

Three games have been released, and the fourth game is coming on May 31st.
Netflix’s library of games is expanding.

Netflix, the world’s number one streaming platform, has recently launched its Android game platform. Incorporating many developers, studios, and experienced names in the industry to expand its game library, Netflix has announced four new games, three of them releasing today.

The titles Netflix released today are Dragon Up, developed by East Side Games, Moonlighter, developed by 11 Bit Studios, and Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt, developed by HandyGames.

Dragon Up is a casual game where you can collect and multiply dragons of various rarities. Moonlighter is a simulation/RPG store management game where players are shopkeepers during the day and heroes at night, and Townsmen is a strategy game where players start as a small village and try to establish a kingdom. These games can be downloaded from the Netflix mobile app.

The fourth game will be released on May 31st and will be the mobile version of the card game Exploding Kittens developed by Direwolf Digital.

Initially, Netflix recruited experienced industry names to improve its mobile gaming operations. Later on, the company bought Next Games and Boss Fight Entertainment. The number of games in Netflix’s library has increased to 22 with the latest additions, and the number is expected to grow at a faster rate in the upcoming months.

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