New Cycle’s playable demo is now available on Steam

Build a new civilization out of the chaos of an apocalyptic solar flare.

Türkiye-based Core Engage has released a playable demo of its Strategy/Colony Survival game New Cycle on Steam. The game is set in a Dieselpunk-Esque post-apocalyptic 2073 after a series of solar flares deprived the world of all its technological advancements in 2034.

Famous YouTuber and streamer Raptor played New Cycle on its stream and made positive remarks about the game. Raptor is known for his knowledge and for testing early access games by the building/city simulator community.

On its Steam page, the game is described as;

“When the Old World collapsed, humanity fell into chaos. The solar flare destroyed every institution of human civilization, causing people to fend for themselves in a collective frenzy for survival.

Your group grew up in such a world, a world of desperate tribalism where the very atmosphere is struggling to stay alive. Now, you seek to restore purpose and unity to humanity while ensuring the continuity of living existence.”

The release date for New Cycle is not yet announced, but it is said to be released in the first quarter of 2023. You can download the demo on Steam.

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