Nintendo successfully launches Nintendo Pictures

The acquisition back in mid-July went as planned; Dynamo Pictures is now a subsidiary of Nintendo.
Mario, MegaMan, Link, Ash, and other Nintendo characters

Nintendo successfully completed the launch of Nintendo Pictures after the acquisition and rebranding of Dynamo Pictures in mid-July. Dynamo is now a wholly owned Nintendo subsidiary and is named Nintendo Pictures. The company will utilize the new studio to amplify the Nintendo Group’s development and production capabilities regarding visual content.

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Dynamo Pictures was an 11-year-old CG production company based in Tokyo. The company has previously worked on titles such as Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, Monster Hunter Stories, and Nier Replicant. The acquisition’s total cost was 34.5 million Yen ($240,000).

Nintendo Pictures has shared a company message on its official website in Japanese, which roughly translates to these remarks:

“We aim to have consumers worldwide learn about Nintendo characters through video and to create unique videos that will remain in their memories forever. We will continue challenging ourselves to provide unique and surprising images to customers around the world, transcending generations and eras.”

Moving forward, Nintendo will most likely utilize Dynamo Pictures’ expertise to produce visual content for games. According to Nintendo Studios’ mission statement, it’s also safe to say that the team at Dynamo will portray some of Nintendo’s fan-favorite characters on the big screen, whether as movies or animations.

Nintendo had already made a deal with Illumination, the creators of Minions, to make a Super Mario movie starring Chris Pratt. A title trailer is expected to be launched at New York Comic-Con on October 6.

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