Playmint raises $4 million for its new MMOCG

The Playmint team consists of people who have experience in companies such as EA, Disney, and Epic Games.
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Playmint wants to be the categorizer in Web3.

Playmint has announced that it has raised $4 million from a seed funding round led by BITKRAFT Ventures for the MMOCG (Massively Multiplayer On Chain Games) project. 1kx, Cherry Ventures, Ethereal Ventures, and Play Ventures were among the investors in the round.

The company will use the funding to develop its team. Also, the funding will help the company add new chapters to and scale the game The Crypt.

Playmint is committed to creating category-defining games for the Web3 era. The company’s team consists of people who have experience in companies such as EA, Disney, and Epic Games, and they want to reflect this experience on Web3. The Playmint team has contributed to games such as Dungeon Keeper 2, Lego Star Wars Battles, and Fall Guys.

The Crypt is Playmint’s first game entirely on the blockchain. Everyone will be able to create their Web3 content in The Crypt, a loot-based dungeon game. Playmint will also use its experience from The Crypt to develop a new blockchain-based trading game about politics, intrigue, and economics.

David Amor, CEO of Playmint, said:

“We are committed to creating real, Web3 games, not Web2.5, by leveraging blockchain technology to build games the industry has never experienced before. We may not know how they’ll work, what they’ll look like, or how players will interact with them, but one thing we do know is making a fun game is a necessity.”

Nicolas Vereecke, Investor at BITKRAFT Ventures added:

“We believe that putting game logic on-chain will usher in a new era of innovation in game design, marked by rapid experimentation through interoperability and composability. There are few teams in the industry that combine the proven ability to create fun games with a deep sense of curiosity and a willingness to do new, hard things. The games coming out of this new era will be nothing like the games that exist today, and we are confident that Playmint will continue to experiment with new technologies and push boundaries to create the most engaging, immersive and fun games web3 has to offer.”

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