Playrix games have surpassed 1 billion downloads!


Playrix is one of the most popular international mobile game publishers. Back in April, the company saw its best month ever across its portfolio for both revenue and downloads. According to the popular mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower, Playrix has surpassed more than 1.1 billion downloads. The Russian giant achieved this by having many hit titles like Homescapes, Township, and Fishdom.

Gardenscapes was the most downloaded game

As expected when we look at previous charts, Gardenscapes was the most downloaded game for the company with 324 million downloads. Homescapes downloads reached 312.4 million while Township has accumulated 275 million. Fishdom comes in fourth place with 173.4 million installs. As we mentioned above, April 2020 was the company’s best month due to COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. In last month only, Playrix generated over $200 million in player spending and got 95.8 million new installs. The United States accounted for most of the downloads (12.8 percent of total) followed by India with 10.3 percent. Russia closes the top three with 7.4 percent. On Android, the publisher saw higher success when it comes to downloads. on Google Play accounted for 807 million installs which are 72.7 percent of the total. On the other hand, App Store accounted for 302.3 million, which is 27.3 percent.

PlayrixIn terms of revenue, the charts above stay the same. Gardenscapes was the most grossing and generated about $1.9 billion in player spending data to date. Homescapes come in second place with close to $1.4 billion while Township generated $842 million. At the last place comes Fishdom with $701.6 million from player spending.

Playrix ‘s most revenue is coming from the App Store

Based on Sensor Tower’s report, the United States accounted for $2 billion, or 42.2 percent of the total. Japan follows-up with $488 million which is 10 percent of player spending. Closing the top three, Germany has accumulated for $410 million in revenue, which is 8.5 percent. Although Google Play had the majority of downloads, App Store tops with the majority of revenue. on iOS, Playrix generated $2.5 billion (52.7 percent) while Android accounted for $2.3 billion (47.3 percent).

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