Star Wars Eclipse maker Quantic Dream is developing a new mobile game

Quantic Dream, the developer of Detroit: Become Human, was allegedly working on two more games in addition to Star Wars Eclipse.
Quantic Dream Star Wars
It was claimed that Quantic Dream is working on 2 more games, except Star Wars Eclipse.

Shortly after Quantic Dream unveiled the new Star Wars game at The Game Awards in 2021, revealing its existence before its official reveal, AccNGT said they had heard that Quantic Dream is working on 3 games.

Besides Star Wars Eclipse, a third project was being developed by Quantic Dream Paris, but unlike Eclipse, which was developed jointly by the Paris and Montreal studios, the team was said to be working on a mobile social game using Unity.

AccNGT’s claims are backed up in a recent video by Tom Henderson, famous for Call of Duty leaks. Shortly after the release of Detroit: Become Human, Henderson claimed that “a few small projects were in early development, but most were canceled” at the studio. He also stated that he expects a mobile game called Spellcaster to be released shortly and a medieval fantasy game currently called Dreamland.

It’s been almost four years since Quantic Dream’s last game was released, and Star Wars Eclipse is said to need at least three more years still. However, it’s unclear whether we’ll see Dreamland before or after Eclipse, so that It may take longer for the studio’s next big game.

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