Series AI raised $7.9 million in seed round

Founded by industry veterans, Series AI raised $7.9 million in a seed round from investors, including Bitkraft A16Z Games, F4 Fund, and Siqi Chen Access Fund. The company will use the funds to develop “Rho Engine,” a game-authoring platform that combines generative AI with a game editor and toolset.
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Series AI, a new game technology and content company founded by industry veterans from Snap, Kongregate, Riot, Google, and more, is on a mission to unleash human creativity with the power of AI. With a vision to transform game development, the company has raised $7.9 million in its seed round from notable investors, including A16Z GAMES, BITKRAFT, F4 Fund, and the Siqi Chen Access Fund.

Pany Haritatos, CEO and Co-Founder of Series AI has deep roots in the game industry. Long before leading Kongregate and overseeing Snap’s Games program, he began his journey as an indie game developer during the early 2000s. This era marked the golden age of web games, characterized by the rapid growth of browser-based gaming and the prevalence of Flash technology.

Motivated by the potential of AI, he co-founded Series AI, assembling a team of industry experts from Google, Riot, Machine Zone, Zynga, and Snap. Together, they built a game-authoring engine powered by AI, focusing on streamlining the creative process.

Series AI’s technology combines potent generative AI models with a user-friendly game editor, significantly reducing the friction and delays associated with traditional game development. The aim is to shorten the time from conceptualization to experience, allowing developers to bring their ideas to life swiftly.

Haritatos envisions a future where game makers can quickly architect, shape, and build new games and worlds, exploring innovative systems, themes, and mechanics in months rather than years. Series AI’s Rho Engine, the game authoring platform designed for innovation, is poised to empower creators to develop category-leading products without the constraints of conventional game development.

Series AI plans to use the resources to achieve its vision of unlocking human creativity by harnessing the potential of AI-driven tools. The company plans to realize its vision through Rho Engine, an AI-supported game-authoring platform.

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