SmileBoom’s RPG Developer Bakin gets an early access date

The company announced an early access date and a price for its new game development tool.
A world created in RPG Developer Bakin

SmileBoom has announced that RPG Developer Bakin will be available on early access starting from October 4, 2022. An early purchase deal and a special discount for users who had previously bought Smile Game Builder have also been declared within the statement.

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Bakin is described as a game development tool for creating RPG games. The company claims that it will not require any previous programming knowledge thanks to the intuitive operations and advanced features within the tool.

The upcoming platform includes a map editor, camera tool, and graphics and sound assets, allowing users to start creating games instantly after purchasing Bakin. The games users make can be distributed royalty-free and with or without compensation.

The tool has three DLC with different themes that contain all the necessary models to create a game around that theme. These are the Western Pack ($39.99), Ancient Pack ($34.99), and Modern City Pack ($29.99).

SmileBoom used these sentences to promote its brand new game development tool:

“Build a world just like playing a game! The map serves as a stage for the game and can be easily created, like drawing with a pen. The objects on the map can be placed anywhere, enlarged, reduced, and transformed at will. You can also customize models by combining objects such as houses, windows, and balconies.”

The early access price has been determined as $69.99, which can be reduced thanks to some discounts. An early purchase will grant users a 10% discount, while the owners of Smile Game Builder, SmileBoom’s previous tool, will receive another 10% discount off the early purchase price. That makes a total of 19% discount from the original price.

The company also reports that Smile Game Builder and the new Bakin will be fully compatible. The users will be able to export any asset from the previous tool to the new one.

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