Snap releases its first AR game called Ghost Phone

Snap entered the AR playground with the new game it released.
Snap logo on yellow background and phone screen
The theme of the game will be based on horror.

Snap added a new title to its games. Ghost Phone, the first augmented reality game created by Snap, is horror-themed. The game has gameplay based on detecting ghosts with the camera on your smartphone.

You will find an abandoned phone in the game and try to find out what happened to Lisa, the previous owner of this phone. You will interact with the spirits around you by examining the evidence and clues found on the phone.

Although the gameplay evokes Pokemon Go, we should point out that this is not a map-based game. The game is developed using the Snap Lens and Playcanvas engine in Snapchat, allowing you to have fun moments.

Snap has been closely involved in games for a long time. Its partnerships with Gismart, Zynga, and Unity have yielded outstanding results. Last year, the company developed ReVamp, a vampire-themed game, together with Zynga. In addition, Snap games developed in partnership with Gismart had great success.

Steps have also been taken to facilitate the work of developers who want to develop games through Snap. After Snap started to focus on the games, it announced the Snap Kit, which developers can access through the Unity Asset Store.

Users who want to experience Ghost Phone can easily access the game via Snapchat’s Lens menu. In addition, it is possible to access all Snap games from the past from this menu.

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