Solana platform Fractal expands to Polygon

Owned by Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan, Fractal looks to bring its features to the Ethereum sidechain.
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Gamer-focused NFT platform Fractal has announced its expansion into Polygon. Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan co-founded the company in 2021 and initially launched the platform on Solana.

The same Web3 gaming suite and feature set that Fractal had on Solana have migrated to Polygon. These features include an in-game NFT marketplace, a launchpad for project minting, and esports tournament support.

Fractal now offers NFT-powered games on the Ethereum sidechain as well. Using the Fractal SDK, developers can build in-game marketplaces that allow users to browse and transact NFTs without exiting the game.

In an interview with Decrypt, Fractal Co-Founder Justin Kan said:

“Our goal is to support game developers, and part of that is being wherever the game developers want to be. And a lot of them want to be on Polygon, to be honest.”

Polygon has been growing more popular day by day, and the platform has converted its popularity into successful partnerships. Last year, in November, IndiGG announced a partnership with Tilting Point and Polygon for Web3 games. Recently, Neowiz’s Web3 platform Intella X raised $12 million to fund its launch on Polygon.

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