Super Snappy partners with Voodoo

Social Gaming platform Super Snappy announced that it has partnered with one of the most prominent mobile game publishers and developers, Voodoo, to bring 14 new mobile games to the social gaming platform.
super snappy and voodoo logos.

NOWWA/Gamebop, the former top creator of games on Snapchat, has announced a new partnership with Voodoo, one of the world’s leading game publishers and developers. This collaboration aims to introduce 14 popular mobile games to their latest venture, the Super Snappy Social Gaming platform. Among the notable titles to be featured on the platform are Scribble Rider, Cube Surfer, and Draw Joust, which will leverage Super Snappy’s social features to foster a friendly yet competitive game experience among players.

Super Snappy has emerged as a rapidly expanding social gaming network, offering multiplayer games to be enjoyed with friends. Its enticing array of features includes 3D avatars, pets, and spaces, providing a global audience with polished and captivating game experiences. Gamers can effortlessly create user profiles, engage in group play or form clans, and communicate with fellow users through avatars, video, voice, and text messaging while seamlessly transitioning between different games.

Voodoo’s impressive track record in the hybrid and hyper-casual game industry will be crucial in enhancing Super Snappy’s library of games, enabling players to indulge in a broader range of interactive experiences. Yohami Zerpa, the CEO of NOWWA, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Voodoo, considering it a significant milestone for social gaming. He asserted that their ultimate goal is to dominate the multi-billion dollar social gaming market, which other social networks have somewhat overlooked since its initial boom. The partnership with Voodoo promises to be instrumental in achieving this objective.

The soft launch of Super Snappy already featured eight competitive and entertaining titles, all developed in-house by NOWWA/Gamebop. With third-party developers like Voodoo granted access to the platform’s API, they can integrate social features into their titles. This integration will enable players to engage in cross-platform gaming experiences across the web, mobile devices, and various modern video game consoles, utilizing their digital “Space” as a central interaction hub.

As NOWWA/Gamebop continues to grow the Super Snappy platform, they are actively seeking more partnerships to expand the range of available titles. The platform’s commitment to enhancing the social gaming experience and providing a vast selection of games demonstrates its dedication to becoming a leading player in the thriving social gaming market.

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