New survey reveals most gamers look positively upon blockchain gaming

Zebedee’s recent survey reveals 67% of gamers would be more likely to play free games if they were play-and-earn.

Next-gen payment and fintech company Zebedee shared a report surveying over 1,000 US respondents who play a minimum of one hour of video games per week. The study aimed to gauge gamers’ feelings toward blockchain technologies, NFTs, and crypto being integrated into video games.

The company stated that the 2022 Zebedee Blockchain Gaming Survey was compiled to understand traditional gamers’ mostly negative reception of Web3 gaming. Zebedee also sought to analyze gamers’ awareness of Web3 space better.

Key findings of the survey have been identified as follows:

  • Two-thirds of (67%) gamers would play free games if they could earn cryptocurrencies.
  • Video game characters and items easily traded or sold would benefit 45% of respondents, while 23% believe it would negatively impact their experience. The remaining 32% were unresponsive.
  • Gamers are five times more interested in earning Bitcoin (27%) than NFTs (5%), indicating that the industry is wrong about focusing on NFT rewards.
  • Only 10% of respondents have a negative view about integrating Web3 technology into games (19% feel business interests drive it).
  • Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency among US gamers (25%), followed by Ethereum (18%) and Dogecoin (14%), although most gamers don’t own any crypto.
  • Most gamers (64%) have never played play-and-earn games with financial rewards, indicating a vast potential for future growth.
  • Over one-third of US gamers say they know nothing about crypto, NFTs, and blockchain gaming.
ZEBEDEE Survey: Which is your favorite reward to earn in video games?

Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at Zebedee, shared thoughts about the report’s outcome:

“The findings suggest that gamers are overall more open to seeing these technologies integrated into games, which presents an opportunity for the industry to educate, engage and attract new gamers to the play-and-earn ecosystem.”

The survey also found that gamers who play more frequently are more aware of Web3 technologies. Zebedee stated that 60% of gamers who play 15 hours or more weekly own crypto assets. The number declines to 56% for those who play 10–14 hours weekly, 46% for 5–9 hours weekly, and 32% for less than 4 hours weekly.

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