American Archer achieved over 1 million downloads in AppGallery

American Archer loved by the players in AppGallery.
Survival Hunter Games: American Archer
Survival Hunter Games: American Archer gets 1 million installs

Survival Hunter Games: American Archer achieved over a million downloads in just five months with the help of AppGallery’s marketing capabilities.  The popular game has increased the number of users in a short time thanks to AppGallery’s marketing services. So how did this happen? What actions did Huawei’s app store and Survival Hunter Games: American Archer take to reach new players as part of this collaboration? Let’s take a quick look at the subject.

Survival Hunter Games: American Archer has over a million downloads in five months

Survival Hunter Games: American Archer, part of a popular series developed by Aeria Canada Studio, is a famous sandbox game among players with its visual world of blocks as we are familiar from Minecraft.

While the series was gaining popularity among gamers, Aeria Canada Studios recently wanted to expand user base for America Archer.  Working with the studio to increase the number of downloads, AppGalley promoted the game through its channels in several regions, including the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and the APAC.

Also, an exclusive gift package has provided to new users.  It is reported that 50 percent of new downloads are provided through this special gift package.  Thanks to the campaign, American Archer eventually achieved more than one million downloads in five months.  Moreover, the game saw a 100 percent increase in the Middle East during and after the campaign, as well as an increase in the number of players in Europe.

This collaboration with Huawei also provides developers with access to new technologies to improve the experience of their players.  Survival Hunter Games: American Archer integrated with both In-App Purchase (IAP) Kit and HUAWEI Game services to take advantage of AppGallery’s one-on-one engineer support service.

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