Tencent makes a minority investment in Mordhau developer Triternion

The Chinese video games giant acquired minority stakes in the Slovenia-based game maker.
A Mordhau warrior on the left, Triternion and Tencent logos on the right

The video games, social media and venture capital giant Tencent continues its strategy to acquire majority and minority stakes in Western game developers and publishers. This time around, Tencent acquired the minority stakes in Triternion, critically acclaimed Mordhau’s developer.

The Slovenia-based video game company was founded in 2017 and has over 20 developers on the team. The game maker intends to grow its team as they’re working on releasing Mordhau on consoles soon, but the studio is yet to announce a set-in-stone date for the game’s console release. The studio will take care of both developing and publishing the console ports.

Triternion’s Chief Executive Officer Marko Grgurovic shared the following message after the deal was secured:

“Tencent’s investment will allow us to keep building on the success of MORDHAU and grow the game across other platforms. On top of this, it will help expand our team and accelerate the development and launch of new IP.”

As told by Grgurovic himself, Triternion is focused on creating new IPs to build on the success of their one and only title so far.

The leading technology firm and gaming entity has been investing in European and American studios for the last few years. Just a little over a week ago, Tencent increased its stake in Ubisoft and also acquired 16.25% of FromSoftware through its subsidiary Sixjoy Hong Kong

The Chinese gaming entity also partnered up with Logitech to launch a new handheld cloud gaming device earlier in August.

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