The art of effective retargeting campaigns, an interview with Kate Lovejoy

The COO and US Managing Director of Adikteev, the advanced app retargeting, churn prediction and cross-promotion platform, shares valuable insights and tips for Mobidictum readers.

We have interviewed Kate Lovejoy, the COO and US Managing Director of Adikteev, an app retargeting and churn prediction platform. Kate has worked on hundreds of campaigns for top-grossing apps. She shares her experience and expertise on how mobile ad creatives increase revenue and growth.

When it comes to crafting effective creatives for retargeting, what are the key factors to consider?

Well, the first thing you really need is to know your audience. Retargeting creatives are all about targeting specific users at specific points in their journey. You need to understand what caused them to drop off or not convert. For example, if it was a lack of time, your creative should emphasize that signing up to convert is quick. It’s all about giving users a compelling reason to come back, like highlighting limited-time events, offering coupons for shopping apps, or free delivery for food delivery apps.

Could you walk us through the steps involved in conducting an A/B test to compare ads?

There are two main approaches to this. The first one involves running a stripped-down creative test in a live environment. Essentially, you introduce additional creatives and observe which ones perform the best. Then, you can pause the underperforming ones. This method doesn’t disrupt your campaign setup; you let the algorithm do the work.

The second approach is a more traditional A/B test, where you segment your audience into two groups and serve them different creatives. This helps you get a clean, apples-to-apples comparison. However, it’s essential to ensure an equal number of impressions for each group to get meaningful results.

How does a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) provide attribution data, and what metrics does it encompass?

Collaborating with an MMP is crucial for comprehensive tracking and attribution. MMPs attribute credit to the channels responsible for various activities in your app. They enable you to track essential marketing metrics like click-through rates, impressions, and conversions, connecting them with in-app events for a deeper analysis.

Video ads are the highest performing format, but what advice do you have for marketers looking to make the most of their budget for retargeting campaigns? 

While video ads may perform exceptionally well, I wouldn’t recommend putting all your budget into one ad format. Retargeting campaigns thrive on diversity. You’re targeting a small, highly valuable subset of users, and they may only be accessible through banners or native ads on specific platforms. So, diversifying your ad formats ensures you reach all these valuable users.

What should marketers keep in mind when repurposing assets from UA campaigns for retargeting?

One crucial thing to remember is to adapt your call-to-action and messaging. If users already have your app installed, seeing an “Install Now” CTA can be confusing. Customize your creatives for retargeting to address the specific audience you’re targeting. While you can retain thematic design elements from your UA creatives, make sure the messaging is updated to resonate with your retargeting audience.

Kate Lovejoy
COO and US Managing Director, Adikteev

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