The Epic Games Store gained $840m in consumer spending during 2021

The Epic Games Store is going strong.
2021 was a success for digital storefront.

According to Epic Games Store 2021 Year in Review the store generated $840m in consumer spending in 2021. This represents an increase of 20% year-over-year. The review reports that Epic Games gained $300 million in revenue from third party titles.

In addition to increase in revenue, the company experienced an increase in users, gaining 34 million new users throughout 2021. Epic Games Store of now has a total of 194 million users. The store had 31.3 million active users daily —which is a new peak— with 13.2 million concurrent users.

Throughout 2021, weekly game giveaways continued. The Epic Game Store gave 89 free games with an aggregate worth of $2,120 users for free. Users claimed over 765 million free games in the process.

With the participation of more than 31 million people, Epic Games Store sold over 159 million items during the 2021 holiday sale. This amount meant a 14% increase over Holiday Sale 2020.

In August 2021, Epic Games Store launched Publish Tools in a closed Beta. This was a manifestation, since the company earlier stated their aim to improve Epic Games Store’s publishing tools. Hundreds of new titles in form of self publishing tools were welcomed to the Epic Games Store with closed alpha and closed beta programs.

The Epic Games Store announced some of the upcoming new games in 2022:

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