Top Eleven surpass 220m downloads!

Top Eleven

Nordeus’ Top Eleven is undoubtedly one of the most popular games on mobile. Recently, the team celebrated the game’s 10 anniversary by sharing new details about it. As the headline read, the football management game has surpassed 220 million downloads worldwide. That makes it the most successful mobile sports game of all time. Furthermore, players played 27 billion matches from the touchline with 262 billion minutes of gameplay and 75 million League trophies. Also, players scored 92,884,424,984 goals — that is a lot of goals for sure.

In the press release, we knew that Top Eleven is most popular in Indonesia with  over 26 million registered accounts. Turkey follows with almost 23 million users while Brazil comes in third place with more than 15 million users. In fourth place comes Thailand with almost 11 million registered accounts. Italy, Germany, UK, France, Spain, and Vietnam close the top countries by registrations list for the game. Also, we knew that Nordeus’ has now more than 170 team members from 20 different nationalities.

Top ElevenJosé Mourinho, one of the most popular football managers and the face of Top Eleven said the following:

Growing up, everyone wanted to be a football player, not a manager. Now I find lots of people dream to be a manager, and games such as Top Eleven have the responsibility to give kids a chance to be a manager every day. hey learn by playing and enjoying the game, and they can learn the job of being a football manager… just like me.

The game started on Facebook

Back in May 2010, Nordeus founders Branko Milutinović, Ivan Stojisavljević, and Milan Jovović developed Top Eleven as a Facebook game. In 2011, the game shifted to mobile and in 2013, José Mourinho became the face of it. The team released a big update on its anniversary day with many new things. From all of us at Mobidictum, congratulation on 10 years of Top Eleven.

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