“Turkish game developers are bold, full of energy and hungry to build”

Unity’s Dima Roznouski was ipresent in MBC 2022 and impressed with the Turkish gaming scene’s fast growth.
Young Turkish developers showcasing their games at Mobidictum Business Conference

Over the past few years, the Turkish video game development scene has seen steady growth with multiple booms spread across; however, “the mobile gaming revolution” as some call it, has changed the country’s approach to the market completely. Türkiye already saw an upward trend in the video gaming space, but lockdown and the rise of hyper-casual games (and its sub-genres) helped the market grow to an unexpected size and attracted local talent to make and publish video games.

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Mobidictum saw an opportunity to unite Türkiye’s gaming scene and brought developers, publishers, service providers, investors, and promising talents across the world together at Mobidictum Business Conference (MBC). Being one of the leading giants in the video gaming space, Unity was present at the conference as well.

Dima Roznouski, Sr. Director, Client Partners – Ads, Operate at Unity talked to Mobidictum about the growing Turkish video game industry and found the market energetic and eager. Roznouski said;

“Game developers in Turkiye are very eager to learn and share. They are full of energy and hungry to build. Many young people and entrepreneurs are joining the industry. They go bold, they experiment. You don’t see this level of energy and growth in more mature gaming markets. I saw something similar in Israel and Eastern Europe years ago, now I see this in Turkiye.”

“MBC 2022 was well organized and captured the energy”

The experienced director then commented about Mobidictum Business Conference; Roznouski said he was impressed with the size of the event and added that he was particularly happy with game makers outnumbering vendors. Unity’s Senior Director commented:

“Mobidictum Business Conference was well organized and captured this energy. It gathered many game studios in one place, represented by senior folks. Game studios significantly outnumbered vendors. I felt that if you randomly pointed at someone, chances were they’d be a senior rep from a gaming studio. It was a great event.”

MBC took place on 5-6 September 2022 at Halic Congress Center and saw over 2,000 participants across 56 countries. The conference had two full days of sessions, workshops, investor and publisher corners, networking opportunities, parties, and more. A total of 115 booths were on display, along with 100 speakers and 93 sponsors.

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