Turkish mobile game studio tiplay published its first Snapchat game

The company aims to publish games on other social media platforms as well.
tiplay studio snapchat pair up
tiplay studio released its first game “Pair Up” on Snapchat.

Turkish mobile game studio tiplay announced today that it has released its first game on the worldwide popular social media platform Snapchat. tiplay Co-Founder and CEO Mehmet Umut Ermeç shared his thoughts on the subject and the future plans of the tiplay team exclusively with Mobidictum.

tiplay studio was established in Denizli in 2019. Having developed many hit games since its establishment, the company has put its name at the top of the Top Charts many times. So much so that the company was awarded “The Best Gaming Startup in Turkey” by MobileFest just a few months after its establishment. tiplay studio, whose focus is on hyper-casual games, started to publish the games it developed on social media platforms as of 2021.

Published on Snapchat, “Pair Up” is based on matching objects. The game brings you many objects and you have to match these objects by dragging them to a certain platform within the given time. The mechanics of the game are quite simple, and the fact that you can play against the clock with your friends makes the game very fun and interesting.

tiplay studio Co-Founder and CEO Mehmet Umut Ermeç said the following about the company’s plans to bring more games to Snapchat:

“Yes, releasing new Snap games in 2022 is one of our important goals. For this, we have accelerated our Javascript Developer recruitment processes for Studio S, which produces Snapchat games under the roof of tiplay studio, and we are waiting for the applications of interested friends.”

Emphasizing that the company plans to publish games on other social media platforms besides Snap, Ermeç continued:

“We certainly think so, and we do not intend to be limited to only certain social media platforms. The success of hyper-casual has already been to bring games to non-gamer audiences, so we want to make a similar breakthrough in more genres and platforms and give them great games on digital platforms used by people who haven’t played games before.”

What are tiplay’s goals for 2022?

Mehmet Umut Ermeç stated that tiplay will expand to both different categories and different platforms in 2022. Ermeç made the following comments about the company’s 2022 targets:

“First of all, we are entering a new era where the games released under the roof of tiplay studio will be in many different genres and platforms. In addition, we want to spread the digital fingerprint of our accelerator program oFON, which we run together with our strategic partner Rollic, to the whole world with amazing new opportunities that we will announce soon. Thanks to our Online WorkSpace (OWS) platform, which allows all our employees to work remotely, we will be adding talented game lovers residing not only in Denizli, Izmir and the cities where we will open new offices, but also all over Turkey – and even beyond – to our team. In summary, in 2022, we will raise the bar higher and we will make fun games reaching hundreds of millions, while we will develop our fields of activity, technologies and ecosystem in order to become the strongest game development ecosystem not only in Turkey but also in the world.”

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