Ultimatum Games, Virtue Reality devs closes its doors

Ultimatum Games Virue Reality

Today Shahid Kamal Ahmad, Ultimatum Games founder, and director announced that the studio is shutting down. This news comes from his personal Twitter account where he said: “There will be no media obituary, just this sad, solitary tweet: We are shutting down @UltimatumUK. It lasted just over four years. We tried, we tried everything, but I wasn’t good enough, that’s what it boils down to.”

Who is Ultimatum Games?

The United Kingdom-based developer team was created back in 2015 by Shahid Ahmad after he left Sony and PlayStation, he was the head of Sony’s strategic content division in the UK. Ultimatum released one game only called Virtue Reality on IOS and Android in October last year. The game aimed to raise money for the international aid charity Islamic Relief.

Ultimatum Games Virtue RealityThat’s not what they did, over the past years the team provided services and support for big companies like Sega, Smilegate and Creative Assembly. Ultimatum Games programmer Kieran D’Archambaud added in response: “A sad day but there were many good points. We made a lot of clients happy. We did awesome work. Most importantly we learnt lessons so that next time will be bigger and stronger. My two years involvement were an absolute pleasure and I can’t wait until we work together again.”

About the company’s only game

Virtue Reality is the first-ever video game to be created by a Muslim charity. In collaboration with Ultimatum Games, Virtue Reality is based on real projects around the world, real people and real issues. It comes from a recognition that Muslims are often not presented in a positive light in films, TV programs or video games – all too often presented as ‘the bad guys’. It also addresses a gap in the knowledge of the general public with regard to how foreign aid works. We at Mobidictum wish the team the best.

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