Vertigo Games has released the soundtracks for Critical Strike and Polygon Arena!

The company, which recently moved to its new office and announced its medium-term plans, has also released its own soundtracks under the name Vertigo Records.
Critical Strike Underworld Ops KeyArt

Vertigo Games, founded by Ali Sayın and Murat Sayın in 2013, has released the soundtracks for Critical Strike and Polygon Arena on Spotify.The company, which continues to grow Critical Strike as it enters its tenth year, while working on their new game Project-X, continues to work on the soundtracks of their own games under the name Vertigo Records.

Critical Strike: Underworld Ops soundtrack consists of 7 tracks and is 22 minutes and 41 seconds long.

Vertigo Games has also released a single for their new game Polygon Arena, which has yet to be released. Easy to Love, a 2 minute and 42 second song, is also available on Spotify.

The fact that Critical Strike is the second most downloaded game in the FPS category and their highly anticipated new game indicate that Vertigo Games’ momentum will continue to accelerate in the near future. Critical Strike continues to grow in popularity as it surpasses the thresholds of 90 million installs and 200 million hours of gameplay.

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