Web3 RPG Stella Fantasy launches globally

Token launchpad achieved its goal within just 2 minutes.
STELLA FANTASY main character anime girl

South Korea-based blockchain game development company — Ring Games has announced the official global launch of its Web3 RPG Stella Fantasy. The game garnered attention earlier this year during its SFTY launchpad, a token pre-sale event, which exceeded its target within just 2 minutes and ultimately closed at 375% of its goal. It then went on to be listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange, GATE.IO on April 5th.

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Ahead of its grand launch on April 13th, NFT holders were given early access to the game on April 7th, while users who registered for the pre-registration event were able to play the game from April 3rd. Its D+1 Retention index surpassed 80% and D+5 70% and the game has received high praise for its stunning visuals and gameplay, and is expected to appeal to the traditional Web2 market, as well as Web3 gamers.

Jooho YUN, CEO of Ring Games, said, “Thanks for all those who have supported the project so far, and pledged to continue providing high-quality updates to ensure a top-tier web3 gaming experience”.

In addition to the game launch, it was also announced that SFTY is currently scheduled to be listed on another global cryptocurrency exchange, MEXC, starting on April 17th.

Stella Fantasy aims to build a healthy Web3 ecosystem by breaking away from the limitations of early P2E games and offering exordinary game experience. The PC launcher is now available for download on the game’s website.

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