WePlay HUB started its first program with 14 game studios from 7 countries

Established by WePlay Ventures, WePlay HUB, one of Europe’s most extensive gaming acceleration programs, started its first program with 14 game studios from 7 countries.
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WePlay Ventures, a Netherlands-based investment fund, has initiated WePlay HUB, a significant gaming acceleration program designed to support early-stage gaming studios in Europe, Central Asia, and Türkiye. Out of over 300 applications from 15 countries, 14 game studios from 7 countries have been selected to participate in the inaugural program.

Burak Yılmaz, Managing Director of WePlay Ventures, expressed his excitement about the program and stated:

“Since the day WePlay was founded, we have been committed to contributing to the development of early-stage game studios and fostering the growth of the game ecosystem. Turkey has emerged as a crucial market within the global game ecosystem. We aim to leverage the experiences we’ve gained from contributing to the Turkish ecosystem, using the WePlay HUB program to benefit game studios in Europe and Central Asia. This strategy allows us to speed up the development of other emerging gaming ecosystems and increase the number of successful game studios. The WePlay HUB program is set to run continuously, restarting each quarter and solidifying its position as one of the industry’s leading entities by aiding the development of hundreds of studios. I would like to extend my congratulations to all the studios selected for the program and wish them continued success.”

During the intensive three-month program, participating studios receive comprehensive training encompassing technical and business development topics. This includes honing skills in successful game publishing, investment strategy development, and preparing investment documents. Expert mentors guide the studios, empowering them to strengthen their technical capacities.

WePlay Ventures’ robust partnerships present unique opportunities for the selected studios to collaborate with publishers, service providers, game engine developers, and leading game companies in the industry. The program also aims to streamline investment processes for early-stage studios and address potential shortcomings during investor meetings.

After the program, the studios have the prospect of receiving investment from WePlay Ventures, contingent on evaluations conducted throughout the program’s duration.

With a focus on providing crucial support to studios in Europe, Central Asia, and Turkey, the WePlay HUB program is poised to make a significant impact in nurturing and advancing the game industry’s growth in the region.

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