Women in Games Türkiye takes action for earthquake-stricken children

Women in Games Türkiye openly invites everyone that can contribute to helping earthquake-stricken children to recover from the trauma by taking advantage of video games to attending to a meeting.
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Women in Games Türkiye is a non-profit organization aiming to enhance diversity, inclusion, and the presence of women employees and entrepreneurs in the game industry. During the “Game Industry Solidarity Broadcast After Earthquake,” Women in Games Türkiye’s Founder Simay Dinç announced that they would be acting to support the children who have survived the earthquake

Women in Games Türkiye will specifically focus on the psychological recovery of the children by taking advantage of video games. It plans to encourage and mobilize the game industry to develop games that will help earthquake-stricken children recover faster from the trauma of the disaster, even the loss of their family members. They also consider the children that may suffer such massive trauma in the future.

Women in Games Türkiye organized a meeting towards this goal at 15:30 in Facebook Station Maslak on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2023. They openly invite game developers, pedagogical experts, psychologists, academics, and stakeholders of the game industry who want to contribute to the cause to attend this meeting. Anyone who wants to be a part of games that aim to create value by using games’ healing and educational power can also apply to Women in Games via [email protected].

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