Xsolla and YouAppi partner up to support mobile game developer growth

Xsolla, a leading provider of video game commerce solutions catering to PC, web, and mobile games, has joined forces with YouAppi to facilitate the growth of mobile game developers and publishers by maximizing their users’ potential lifetime value.
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Worldwide video game commerce company Xsolla has officially announced its collaboration with YouAppi, a renowned mobile marketing platform catering to global brands aiming to expand their business. The partnership aims to address the specific needs of the game market by offering retargeting campaigns that assist mobile game developers and publishers in driving more players to web shops and increasing revenue from existing users.

Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla, commented:

“Today, we’re proud to announce a game-changing alliance between Xsolla and YouAppi, the leading mobile marketing platform for brands seeking exponential growth. Our joint mission is to revolutionize how video game developers and publishers engage with mobile app users, optimizing retentionngageme, retargeting, and re-ent strategies. By synergizing our efforts, we’re amplifying the strengths of Xsolla Web Shop, which already excels in boosting average purchase amounts, repeat purchases, and transitioning traffic from mobile to web.”

The strategic alliance between YouAppi and Xsolla is set to bring about transformative changes in the business and portfolio strategies of the game industry, focusing on revenue growth and user retention for their partners. By combining their efforts, Xsolla and YouAppi aim to support video game developers and publishers in retaining, retargeting, and re-engaging mobile app users. Additionally, the collaboration seeks further to enhance the performance of the Xsolla Web Shop. 

Xsolla’s Web Shop, a direct-to-consumer commerce solution for mobile games, empowers developers to sell in-game items and currencies and facilitate player account top-ups through their website. This solution inspires players to make purchases, increases revenue retention, and enhances the lifetime value and average revenue per user.

Moshe Vaknin, CEO of YouAppi, praised the powerful combination formed by the partnership between Xsolla and YouAppi. He highlighted Xsolla’s expertise in augmenting user monetization through Web Shop, which effectively complements YouAppi’s capabilities in improving user retention through mobile app retargeting. Vaknin expressed confidence that this collaboration would set new industry standards.

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