YAHAHA Studios received $50 million in funding to launch

YAHAHA will be launched in early 2022
yahaha investment
YAHAHA Studios has recently received investment.

YAHAHA Studios have announced a total of $50 million worth of funding in six months for their launch in early 2022. Yahaha’s new no-code creation platform seems to be yet another tool for non-coding game developers.

YAHAHA is a virtual user-generated content metaverse that makes creators come together. Created in Unity, with YAHAHA, developers can create new games or profit from the existing ones. With its rich library and many pre-sets, YAHAHA is one of the easier ways to express art and creativity through the games one builds.

All of the interaction, this includes game creation and socialization, happens in the metaverse of YAHAHA, with users’ customized avatars.

Chris Zhu, CEO of YAHAHA Studios said:

“Achieving an investment of $50million is incredibly exciting for us. Founded by a team of Unity veterans, YAHAHA Studios has a key part to play in ushering in the next generation of entertainment as the metaverse continues to grow. Connecting users around the world through virtual entertainment, YAHAHA offers a uniquely creative and social experience to game developers and gamers alike. Through YAHAHA we are empowering creators at all levels, from established developers to those making their first game – everyone can be a creator in our virtual world. We’re really looking forward to fully launching this year, growing our team, and bringing the first stage of our vision for the future of content creation to life.”

Chris Zhu, CEO of Yahaha Studios

Headquartered in Finland and with offices in China and Korea, the YAHAHA team is diverse, to say the least. And they are hiring. Unity developers can find out more, and sign up now to be part of the YAHAHA, at YAHAHA.com.

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