ZiMAD partners with LIFE to bring famous photos to Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Content from LIFE becomes available on Jan 25—free for all players!

US-based mobile game developer ZiMAD has partnered with LIFE to bring The LIFE Picture Collection to Magic Jigsaw Puzzles. The LIFE Picture Collection is the visual chronicle of the 20th century and one of the most important private photographic archives in the states.

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The debut puzzle of this collaboration will be dedicated to one of the most famous Hollywood starlets of the 20th century, the legendary Marilyn Monroe. New puzzle set will include colorful and creative images of Marilyn Monroe, whose debut in LIFE has become some of the most iconic images in the history.

CEO of ZiMAD Dmitry Bobrov said:

“We are happy that now our players have the unique opportunity to witness the greatest events and plunge into the heart of history by playing their favorite puzzle game. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is the world’s largest digital collection of puzzles, and LIFE is one of the
greatest private photographic archives in the United States.

Through digitalization, such a partnership contributes to sharing an entire generation’s cultural heritage.”

The new LIFE-themed puzzle sets will be free for all players. ZiMAD is also planning to
update the collection, and players can expect more from this exciting collaboration in the

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