Zordix buys 100% of Invictus Games shares

Zordix Invictus Games

Zordix, the Swedish publish and developer doubled its employee count by buying 100% of the Hungarian developer Invictus Games. While the deal’s amount unknown, this acquisition includes the rights to Invictus Games IPs. These IPs include Give It Up, Level-R, Froggy Jump, Dustoff Heli Rescue, and 4×4 Truck Jam. Give It Up is the company’s most popular game with more than 71 million downloads worldwide.

Zordix CEO Matti Larsson says:

We are proud and excited to welcome Invictus to the growing Zordix family. The company is an important addition in our acquisitions-driven growth that doubles our production capacity, adds 50 released games to our joint portfolio and several new titles are on their way out.

Larrson also shares his impression by Invictus management “for running a profitable game company for 20 years. This is achieved by continuously developing and delivering a high number of new own titles under its own brands and with great success, especially in the exciting growing market China”.

Zordix Invictus Games
A screenshot from Give It Up.

The Hungarian studio started in 2000 by Tamas Kozak and Akos Divianszky. In the last twenty years, Invictus Games worked on more than fifty published titles. Both CEOs will become shareholders in Zordix and will continue their position as leaders.

Kozak added in another statement the following:

We are very pleased to be part of the growing Zordix family. We contribute with an experienced development team and will continue to do new business where we together build Invictus and the whole group to the next level. It is with great enthusiasm that we look forward to expanding the team and in addition to mobile games take on the development of more new titles for the leading major consoles and PC.

Zordix announced last year it’s new publishing division which will focus on indie-titles. Below you can view Give It Up official trailer.  Keep an eye on Mobidictum for further industry news!

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